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Mariam’s Down this road I walk

Thursday December 27 2007

By Rafsanjan Abbey Tatya

Amongst  the many movies Uganda has witnessed this year, there has been a shining star.

And Mariam Ndagire brought it along to Theatre La Bonita as she premiered her maiden movie Down
This Road I Walk on December 21.

She certainly brightened things up and also proved that being the last movie to be released in 2007, she saved the best for the last.
It doesn't get better than a big crowd coming in to watch your meaningful film and they all leave praising it and others even donate big cash to you for job well done.  ***image1***

Ndagire collected more than Shs10 million in auctioning the DVD that comprises the movie together off stage scenes. It was a full house by the time the movie screening started at around 7 p.m. so there was good ground to say  that she was the happiest woman that night.
And when the movie ended at 9 p.m. "great" was the word on most people's lips.

"It is the best Ugandan film I have watched this year," said one film director, "And I mean this in the nicest possible way. They got so many things right yet they have been lacking in most local films."
If we talk about beautiful sound, nice lighting, good effects, proper music, structured camera-movement and great make-up, you will begin to get the idea.

However, they also missed one or two things for instance they don't create considerable tension when the husband Charles Begumisa goes shopping at the same shop where his wife is shopping with her high-school sweetheart and now her driver.

The movie is basically about girl-child education and it casts light on the issue of young girls being forced out of schools by their parents who thus offer them to rich men for marriage.

The topic seems so common but the blend of humour and seriousness in the film makes it a different thing from what you are used to.
And it also touches the issue of young women/girls who daydream.

The movie's main characters are Wycliff Luyombya who acts as Charles Begumisa (the tycoon), Sheila Ategyeka as Cathy (the schoolgirl forced to marry Begumisa), Maureen Nankya as Suzan (the girl with weird dreams), Mariam Ndagire as Gilda (Begumisa's mother) and Irene Kiiza as Mrs Twase (Nankya's mother who shares views with her daughter).

The end of the movie takes the lives of Suzan, Begumisa and the son he had gotten from Cathy as Gilda is arrested for suspected-murder.
Right, so we say it’s a fine Ugandan  movie but don't take our word for it.
You are better off getting a copy for yourself.