Arua has got talent

Tuesday October 29 2013

Arua has got talent

Talent XP judges Phad Mutumba, Bebe Cool, Jackie Chandiru and host MC Kats. Courtesy Photos. 

By Christine W. Wanjala

Talent XP is in the exact same time slot as Tusker Project Fame (TPF). Coincidence? Deliberate plan to get its own share of live talent show enthusiasts? Maybe the guys at NTV should tell us.

After a what seemed like an interminable wait for Flavia Tumusiime and whatshisname Mulondo to drink soda and call sleepy people who did not sound excited at all for winning a Shs1m, Talent XP finally came on.

This time it was in ‘A’ town as MC Kats let us know. In case you are wondering, that is Arua for you. He had also let us know Gulu where they were last week was the G spot, aah I mean ‘G’ town.

Right after MC Kats shared those nuggets of wisdom, they did the introduction like a choral verse, “you got the talent we got the stage.”

Who convinced some of these people that they have any talent? How bad are their friends to let them carry on with delusion that they can sing or dance but especially sing? It is not even funny, by the way, that people can get that far in their self-deception. No, it should be declared as a national problem and unemployment and unbridled rural urban migration blamed on it.

Back to Sunday’s talent XP. The judges have to be the nicest ever in the history of reality talent shows. They said “yes” to the good ones, and the mediocre ones and then said a “no” that was almost a “yes” for the terribly terrible ones. Maybe it was because Bebe Cool who is emerging more and more as the mean cop was not there. Or maybe they have been told not to crush the participants. Or maybe I am one of those people who derive some level of satisfaction or entertainment from seeing other people’s dreams crushed. (But seriously some of these ones need to be crushed early to save our hearing and to also decongest the upcoming artiste industry)

Even when Judge Michael Kasaija tried to be harshly direct, it still came off as if he was telling the person there is still hope and truth be told for some there was no hope.

The talent
There was some real talent though, mesmerising jaw dropping goose bump causing talent. And I am not exaggerating like Jackie Chandiru was doing when she said one girl had a voice so good it had her shaking all over while in reality she had just a passable voice. What will she say about that girl we saw in the preview of next week’s audition show in Kampala?

Back to real talent, that made it to the group that will join the other regional representatives who will tussle it out to get to the Shs20m grand prize.

From Arua with love, come break-dancers, and singers to Kampala. All, except one, of those coming on merit of their singing voices chose gospel music, worship actually. Yep, they have God on their side, other contestants who entered with secular songs should be very afraid!