Bobi Wine’s anti-gay song blocked on YouTube?

Following the cancellation of profitable shows in the UK, Bobi Wine has to contend with YouTube who are reported to have removed his anti-gay song he uploaded on Sunday.

Bobi Wine was denied visa and actually banned from perfoming in the UK after he allegedly appeared on his Omubanda Wa Kabaka reality TV show writing a song against gays.

He went ahead to record the song and uploaded it on YouTube on Sunday only to have it removed less than 24 hours.

By Monday morning, the video had gone viral with over 10,000 views.
However, by Tuesday morning, the video had been removed. When one tries searching for the song on YouTube, no results are found and neither can it be accessed by clicking on the video link which has been shared for the past two days.

“This video has been removed by the user. Sorry about it,” is the response one gets after clicking on the video’s link.

A few weeks ago Bobi Wine released a statement saying, “As a role model in this dear country, on matters of public interest, I am expected to air out an opinion that is not manipulated by sycophancy, fear or favour.

And as far as this is concerned, I hope that the proponents of homosexuality, who pride themselves in their liberalism and support for human rights, will allow me my right of expression much as they may not be comfortable with my opinion.”

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