Collaborations with Ugandan artistes not selling in Jamaica- Demarco

Thursday May 8 2014

Jamaican dancehall artist Demarco addresses a

Jamaican dancehall artist Demarco addresses a press conference at club silk this afternoon. Photo by Michael Kakumirizi  

By Emmy Omongin

Jamaican dancehall sensational Demarco sent journalists and guests into chuckles and murmurs this afternoon when he made it clear that collaborations local artistes do with Jamaican artistes barely get airplay in Jamaica.

The Lazy body singer made the remarks in a press conference that he held this afternoon at Club Silk, ahead of his concert this weekend. “My collaboration, “Blessings” with Peter Miles does not play in Jamaica. If Peter Miles wants to do a collabo with me he has to be in Jamaica to promote it,”

The tattooed singer made the remarks after being asked how his collaboration with Peter Miles is fairing in his country.
Demarco is set to perform alongside over 30 local musicians at the Street Jam which is going to take place this Saturday at Club Silk.