VIDEO: Sitya Loss kid dies in bicycle accident

Tuesday December 01 2015

One of the “triplets” in Musician Eddie Kenzo’s famous  Sitya Loss video last night succumbed to bicycle injuries at Rubaga hospital.

Alex Sempijja, 14, was riding a bicycle when its brakes failed and landed into a trench, he was with a colleague, Patricia Nabakoza , 12, who also featured in the sitya loss video.  Alex however, is said to have hit his head hard on a rock: “He had cuts on his neck,” Eddie Kenzo says.

Meanwhile Patricia remains critically injured and admitted in intensive care unit at case clinic. She had been previously admitted at Rubaga hospital but Kenzo asked that she be transferred to Case Clinic for full time medical attention.

Singer Eddie Kenzo took to social media last night to confirm the news of Alex Ssempijja’s death.

Am sorry to announce the death of Alex Sitya Loss. I started working with Alex way back in the days of ‪MundekeNumbe ‪, ‎Zivuga ‪, Jambole , ‎SityaLoss and recently in the ‪‎So Good video. They were involved in an accident with ‪‎Patricia the gal also in SityaLoss video. Right now we are at Case Clinic doctors are trying their best 2 see that her life is saved. May the Great Lord see us through this hard situation. RIP ALEX My brother.oh God!!!

“Doctors said Patricia will be fine. But she is still in intensive care let's keep praying,” Kenzo added hours later.


Video by Bossir Mervyn