Wife to singer Chameleon files for divorce, Chameleon denies

Wednesday April 19 2017
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Social media has taken it a notch higher with people sharing their opinions about the relationship Different celebrities share their two cents on relationship privacy. The latest couple is Singer Jose Chameleon and his wife Daniela.

Atim Daniella, the lawfully wedded wife to celebrated local musician Joseph Mayanja popularly known by his stage name Chameleone, has run to court seeking to divorce her husband to end their nine-year of marriage.
Central to Daniella’s bid to separate with Chameleone is that since 2013, he has been molesting her by beating her whenever he returns home. However, the singer stated in a Facebook live stream, that there would be no divorce and that he loves his wife very much.
In her petition, Daniella says Chameleone resorted to binge drinking that has culminated into him beating her and she often runs away from their home to her friends’ places to seek refuge.
“On or about 2013, the respondent (Chameleone) started molesting the petitioner (Daniella) with no reasonable cause and the acts of the molestation have continued to date,” Daniella stated in her divorce suit before Nakawa Court on Tuesday this week.

“The respondent (Chameleone) has resorted to binge drinking and on each occasion he comes back home, beats up your petitioner (Daniella) without any cause or valid reason,” she added.
Daniella explains that because of the severe beatings occasioned on her by the singer, she sometimes has to cover her face due to wounds and scars inflicted on her by her husband.
“The respondent’s (Chameleone) violent behavior has drastically affected the health of your petitioner (Daniella) because of the constant beating and your petitioner cannot even sleep at night worrying that the respondent (Chameleone) may kill her,” Daniella states in her divorce suit.
She further describes her life as being in “grave danger” because Chameleone has continued to assault her with all manner of objects that he lays his hands on.

Daniella goes on to state in her affidavit that Chameleone has continued to disrespect her and demean her before their children as he complains and quarrels throughout the nights.
“The violent conduct of the respondent (Chameleone) has not only affected me but has also affected the children who watch as the respondent (Chameleone) either beats me up or abuses me without any valid reason on each occasion he returns drunk,” she states in her divorce suit.
At the tail end of her divorce suit, Ms Mayanja says Chameleone’s cruelty has continued unabated for the last two years and that she feels the need to legally separate from him to avoid losing a limb or life.
She adds that she has tried in vain to resolve this violent behavior of her husband amicably between themselves, pastors, and friends but the singer has refused to change from his violet behaviour.

However, at around 3:35pm, hours after the news had been run on various websites, Chameleone got onto his Facebook page to rubbish all the claims. The singer who went live on Facebook was with his wife and children.
In the video, Chameleone talked about how very many people have always wanted him down but they will never manage to put him there. “I am a Catholic and I don’t believe in divorce, those who wrote about my wife Daniella filing for divorce are those that don’t want to see triumph in life,” Chameleone said, adding that, “We might be having family issues but we solve them in the house rather than taking it to the public because family business is not public business.”

Atim who was driving the car remained silent but kept on smiling at the phone camera whenever it was flashed at her.
The celebrated couple wedded on June 7, 2008 at Biina Catholic Church Luzira in Nakawa Division.
The couple has four children, namely Abba Mayanja aged 11, Alfa Mayanja, 8, Alba Mayanja, 4, and Amma Mayanja, 3.