BEAUTY: Bleaching naturally

Monday November 30 2009

To make an oatmeal mask, you will need oats and honey or milk and bananas. The mask can be used to give you a lighter complexion.

We all know that certain products used for bleaching the skin have terrible consequences. Nevertheless, some women insist on looking lighter. Sarah Tumwebaze gives tips on how you can use natural products to lighten your complexion

We are told not to bleach our faces because the chemicals used to attain a new complexion contain some hormones which might end up damaging some of our body cells.

They also say that when you bleach, you can never stop because the moment you try to, your skin becomes worse than it was before. But let’s face it, some people want to bleach and there is nothing we can do to stop them from achieving their dream.

So how about using what Mother Nature has for us to attain a lighter complexion without interfering with any hormones in the body or damaging any cells.

According to Ms Florence Ndiwalana the managing director of Beauty Tips along Buganda Road, using fruits like lemon, lime and oranges that contain citric acid can help one attain a lighter complexion. “These fruits have Ahas and Bhas acids which penetrate the melanin cells and change one’s complexion,” she explains.

She adds that this can be attained by applying the fruit juice on the whole body daily for 10 to 15 minutes until you see a change in your complexion. The other method of bleaching naturally is by using the oatmeal mask. Ndiwalana says that you add milk or honey to the raw oats and apply it on the skin for 10-15 minutes then remove it.


You can also add banana in the oatmeal mask because it helps in moisturising the skin which makes one sweat, thus bringing out the excess fat. Some people say that when you stay indoors for some time, you can attain a brighter complexion.

However, it’s not possible to stay indoors all day because you have to run different errands away from home. So Ms Ndiwalana advises that you apply a sunscreen on your skin before leaving the house because this will protect you from sun burns and darkening. Sunscreen lotions range from Shs15,000 to Shs30,000 in different cosmetics shops.

However, Ndiwalana explains that the change in the skin complexion will depend on the person’s melanin cells. “If they are deep, dark and strong, it will take long for that person to attain a lighter complexion but if they are shallow, a bit light and not strong, that person will get lighter within a short period.”