Definitive creations

Saturday December 6 2014

Nahida Beghani’s Definition Africa makes

Nahida Beghani’s Definition Africa makes T-shirts with any desired logos in their signature collection. Photo by Abubaker Lubowa. 

By Gloria Haguma

Nahida Beghani was born in Canada, but came back to Uganda when she was two months old. When the family finally settled here, Beghani attended the then Lincoln International School.

“I went to Switzerland in 1998, where I studied Hotel Management and graduated in 2000,”the tee designer says adding that she worked in different hotels in London, USA, and Beirut, for some time after that but never felt satisfied.

Definition is born
In 2007, during the Cecafa games, a thought came to her. “In the hit of the moment, I realised there was nothing you could buy to celebrate being Ugandan.
Something more creative than the jerseys that we had. I believe this is the time when the idea of the branded T-shirts came to mind,” she recounts.

She went ahead to design T-shirts with a crane on them most of which were stolen when she tried to sell them at the next game. “But I had fun doing it all the same, so I decided this was something I wanted to explore further,” Beghani points out. “We did t-shirts for World Cup 2010, Basically Football Oriented, and the illustration had all the teams playing,” Beghani says.

So they began by printing a few illustrations on T-shirts. In May, 2009, Definition Africa, their fashion franchise, was officially launched on Facebook.

Beghani explains that she finally felt she had found something that enabled her to work, be creative and also have a social aspect to her work. They have designed T-shirts for celebrities such as Lillian Mbabazi (Lillian and the sundowners), Navio and The Mith(I AM SO UG), and Enygma (Fumeme) with their own creations in this signature collection.