Do not waste time on your past, it’s gone

Friday March 9 2018

Past relationships lead to quarrelling

Past relationships can be a force that either paralyses your life or keeps pulling you back to the same pain.  

By Christine Nakalungi

My grandmother used to say; “you can cry as much as you want about an issue today but do not dare waste tears on the same issue the next day”.

Now I understand why she said so. The past might have been beautiful and good but if it is not part of your present or future, do not spend even an hour trying to improve it.

Past relationships can be a force that either paralyses your life or keeps pulling you back to the same pain. It is not a crime to look back and analyse what happened but if you get stuck trying to correct the past, then you are binding yourself with unbreakable chains.

Stacy battled a heartbreak for more than two years after Charlie (her fiancé) had broken off their engagement, a month to their wedding. She went through numerous counsellors to help her get her life back on track and finally she was ready to enjoy herself again.

She dated a few other men before deciding on whom to settle down with. Six months into her relationship, she learnt of Charlie’s plans to marry another woman. This drove her back into the abyss of pain.

She hid her pain from everyone who would have helped her and it ate her piece by piece. She lost weight in less than a week until she decided to pull revenge stunts on Charlie.

She wanted Charlie to feel the same pain she felt, so she cunningly got her way to his fiancée’s life. She befriended her in an effort to turn her against Charlie and when she failed, she resorted to criminal ideas.

Stacy hired a gang of goons to kidnap Charlie’s fiancée a few days to the wedding. This had gone as planned and they were willing to cancel the wedding until police tracked down this gang who gave up Stacy as the boss. Stacy was arrested and when her boyfriend consulted her friend about the matter, he got the whole story of her heartbreak. The man felt cheated and called it quits.

In the end, Stacy lost her life over again, lost a second chance to love, her job and now she faced numerous charges including assault and attempted murder.

She wished she had concentrated more on her future than her past but it was too late.
You do not have any business with the past. Letting go will shield you from turning into a pillar of salt.