He is ignoring me because I missed his calls

Thursday October 17 2019


Dear Heart to Heart, I recently met this guy and we have been going out for just a month. He is quite the catch and I can tell that he cares about me. Only problem is that he likes to call me after midnight, and although I enjoy talking to him when he calls, sometimes I miss his calls because I am an early sleeper. Last week, I missed his calls thrice and now he is mad. I have tried to reach out but he won’t take my calls. What can I do?
Confused Kat?

Lynn Kemires He does not respect you. If he’s really a catch, he would fix some little time out of his busy schedule in the day and check in on you rather than call you at night.

Dennis Nuwagaba That’s principled people act. They think that refusing to receive or return a missed late night call means that you are flirting with someone else.

Nyakojo Donavan Alecs It is all about understanding each other. Send him a text message and explain yourself to him.

Patience Natie Nampa Be open to him and tell him how you feel about the late night calls. Let him know your sleeping schedule so that both of you can come to an agreement regarding when to call each other.

C’zar Engorit He calls you at midnight out of suspicion. Your failure to pick up the calls confirms his suspicion. Who sleeps and fails to hear their phone ringing thrice? Was the phone in silent mode? And why do you put it in silent mode? Come clean.


Silver Okiror Everything has its time. Sleep also has its time. Just tell him you are not comfortable talking during those hours of the night. If he is not okay with that, kick him out of your life and enjoy peaceful nights.

Stella Auma You should have told him the latest time you can receive calls,unless it is an urgent matter. That man is also childish. You should not apologize for sleeping you have a right to. Let him deal with his insecurities.

Julius Ikwara Just let him be after some time he will get back to you and ope n up. However, one month is to early for him to be angry at you for missing calls. Take time to study his character, this will help you improve your relationship and also help you know whether you are fit to be in that relationship.

Pheobe Miriam Just wait quietly for his anger to subside. When he is not angry anymore, tell him you sleep early and so if he must call, it must be much earlier.But stop stressing him with calls for now.

Joanita Miriam Thi is why dating is important. Finding out what puts your partner off and deciding if you will put up with it or not. You are already complaining and yet it is only one month, are you sure you are on the right track?

Sha Nitah Keep a distance away from someone with anger issues. That’s one of the red flags you have got so far.

Christopher J Matumbwe It is only one month and he is behaving like that,just run for your life.

Counsellor’s say
Evelyn Connie Kharono
Counseling Psychologist
Wait for his anger to wear off

Dear Kat ,
Sure this is quite confusing. However, you say you two have just recently met in one month. This is still quite early to conclude anything.
You two are still at the initial level of learning each other’s likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses.
It is normal for you to sleep because you are human and it is normal for him to call because may be he is awake till late and he is thinking about you.
Give him time if you have called twice and he is not picking such that he recovers from the anger, as you stated. When you finally start talking normally, tell him why you fail to pick his calls after midnight.
It is good to be free and say what you enjoy and do not enjoy early in a relationship than wait when the relationship is too deep.
Some of these issues can be solved and each person learns to respect one another’s space
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