Fall in love but do not have high expectations

Thursday July 25 2019


By Christine Nakalungi

Life would be more fun if we leaved each day without worrying about tomorrow. Unfortunately it is not like that. Once a man walks to you and asks you out on a date, all of a sudden some people skip all the levels and try to fantasise how it will be walking down the aisle and having his children. Hey, slow down. Can you love one day at a time?
Enjoy each day and hope for the best but do not put yourself and your partner on pressure. Some relationships end up at the altar but others end in tears with heartbreaks and counselling sessions to help you get back to the dating boat.
It is a lie to think that when you are dating someone you do not imagine spending a life together but it is just wise to limit your expectations. If it works out, thank God but if it does not, be polite to walk away in dignity until you find the right one.
High expectations are the sole reason why we bleed when a relationship does not work out. “How could he do this to me?” Is the most painful question that follows every breakup. It is because we expect too much from the person we love; we expect him to love only us and not to lie to us. When we discover that it was all just a fantasy, we blame ourselves for even believing that he wasn’t able to cause us pain. But that is how heartbreaks are created. When trust is broken and love is tested.
It is important to limit your expectations to what you see or are told. Like a novel, each love relationship has numerous chapters; you only enjoy it if you are patient to live through one chapter at a time not skipping to the end.
Just like life, we hope for the best but we keep living and trusting God that we will get to celebrate another birthday. Many relationships can only survive for too long and yet others are just a beautifully written love story that ends in happily ever after.
Do not compare your relationship to your friend’s or even sister. You might all have the same target in life but fate drives each person at a different pace.
Much as it is tempting, do not push so hard or you may cause more harm than anticipated.
Love one day at a time. Love and enjoy your relationship without expecting a lot in a short time but if nothing changes after a long time, then it is time to reconsider the options.