Are you stuck with ‘Mr Right now’or‘Mr Right’

Thursday March 5 2020


By Christine Nakalungi

At some point in life we are all at crossroads and are hit by the waves of uncertainty. Relying on your heart might not be a good idea because even feelings are deceiving. But should you completely mute your heart and follow reason? Are you able to walk away from that fling and instead focus on your future? Most people will say that is easy and yet so many people are still stuck in relationships that they know are leading only to the bedroom and not down the aisle.

Sharon decided to put both her suitors to test and hosted them at her mother’s home. She had not warned her mother because she did not want her to be biased or put them on the spot but by the time she was done with her little exercise, her mother had told her every man’s intentions.

“How sure are you that he is the right one?” Sharon asked her mother. “Well, much as a serious student who takes his future seriously can take a break from reading his books and go hang out with friends, they do not waste all time partying. They will instead find time to finish their homework, will not miss school because of hangover and will surely spend more time in school than they spend hanging out with their friends,” she said.

Thing is, a ‘right now’ man is not interested in investing in your future. In fact, they do not have a plan for you or the relationship. All they care about is showing you off to their colleagues.

Their interest in learning what you love, or hate is limited because to him, you are not in his future so why bother paying attention?

Whereas a person who sees you in his future will take time to pay attention, he will start caring about what you care about and hating what you hate.


Once in a while; he will throw in a statement or two to show his interest in having you as part of his future. He will not be quick to make empty promises because he knows that he cannot lie to you forever. So, are you interested in ‘Mr Right now’ or ‘Mr Right’? Their actions will always speak louder than their words if you pay attention.