If he can’t afford a wedding, he may not afford marriage

Friday July 14 2017

The brides during a mass wedding at one of the

The brides during a mass wedding at one of the churches in Uganda recently. File photo 

By Christine Nakalungi

Don’t some men take people’s daughters for granted? He is convinced that the two of you belong together but he is not willing to pay the price. Come on! If you cannot walk into a supermarket, pick a 32-inch LG TV and march out, what makes you think you can just take someone’s daughter with just a smile? Yes, girls are not for sale but they are surely not just free candies for any man to pick.
Mind you, girls are not as desperate as you may assume.

Some are just too nice that they accept to play wife to a man who is not a husband. If we are to be economical, Which is cheaper? the amount of money someone needs for a wedding versus the multiple bills someone will be footing in order to run a home. Of course, a one-time function. Marriage is more expensive than most people assume.
Wedding someone does not guarantee that you will not lack in the marriage but at least there is something that binds the two of you. You swore before a congregation that you will stick together in lack and in plenty. Some people might think these are just vows but it means something to the heart. It builds the confidence you have in someone.
If you truly love her the way you claim to, you better put a ring on that relationship.

Every girl dreams of wearing a white gown; do not be the fella who robs away that fantasy. She might not put you on pressure daily in an effort not to be seen as nagging but she surely is not impressed that you are not making any effort to give her the one thing she admires most.
The wedding does not have to be an exorbitant function where you even borrow to impress but effort will be appreciated nonetheless. I agree it is a high price to pay but so is life. Does cohabiting mean you are off the hook? No, brother, you are not. Marry her or do not waste her time and chances.
It is human nature to value something that cost you a lot.

You do not just drive a Benz through avoidable potholes. You will spare it for uptown parties or meetings and when you want to visit your farm in the village, you will jump into a pick-up truck which is cost effective.
Trust me, some men will deny ‘their woman’ in public and they are not wrong. Even after bearing him children, you are not his wife. So women, why again would you want to stay with a man who cannot afford to marry you?