Tell someone you love them before it’s too late

Thursday December 6 2018


By Christine Nakalungi

We can only make plans for the future with hopes that we will live to see the sun rise again but the reality is, we can only be sure of today. We should love and forgive each other like it is the last day of our lives.
We might think that we have too much time with someone until something happens and alas, all our hopes are no more.
Recently, tragedy hit Uganda when vibrant people full of life and hope partied on a boat cruise. The waves of death lay waiting and regardless of who was responsible for the catastrophe, death opened wide its mouth and swallowed many loved ones.
He [death] did not care whether he/she was a husband/wife and a parent or a dear friend to many. He [death] just chewed them until their dreams and anticipations evaporated along with their souls.
The agonising eulogy from spouses and friends reminded us to forgive each other daily, kiss passionately at every chance and spend more time with our loved ones. A person you love or admire might be snatched from you by death, distance and yet others are snatched away by other suitors.
Expressing your feelings to someone you love is not a sign of weakness. It is okay to say it and get a reaction than to leave your life regretting why you did not say I love you when you had a chance to.
Life is empty without loved ones. We may fight and not see eye-to-eye but do not create a permanent valley of anger, resentment and hate. These will just rob you of your joy and happiness. When accidents such as these happen, they remind us that we are not the anchors of our own lives though sometimes we are tempted to believe that we are. However, reality is, we can sign-out any time or day but when that happens, you want to have lived a life worth of being loved and missed.
To every family that lost a spouse, parent, sibling, child or friend may God soothe the pain and give the deceased a peaceful rest.