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A step by step guide to finding the right woman

Thursday September 27 2018

A step by step guide finding right woman

Like all men know, it is not easy to get a good woman in this day and age. COURTESY PHOTO 

By Eugene Mugisha

Like all men know, it is not easy to get a good woman in this day and age. So, of recent, I have been giving this thing some serious thought, and I think I have come up with a solution. Now, it is not a new one, nor is it that innovative even, but it could work. And to be fair, the girls could use it too with equal success.
The method is scientific in approach, and involves three procedural steps:

Population sampling. Here, you must have your criteria clearly defined. Go to different places and do different activities, for example, playing basketball or rugby, going to church and theatres, among others. Take note of how many of the people in that place or activity meet your criteria. It might necessitate to have a way of recording these things, and keeping tallies. After at least two months of sampling random populations, do a tally and find which place or activity scored the highest.

Specialisation: Like a true scientist, pick two or three of the highest scores and focus on these. If it was church and theatre, then make time for these two things. Find out about the programmes and their calendar, and create the time.
If this is hard for you, then you perhaps are not ready to find that one person.
This might necessitate you to change your routine, and fit these new programmes into you lifestyle. Talking of lifestyle, you will need to adapt; drop old habits that kept you single for so long, and adopt new ones, the habits of a focused and deliberate man.

Adaptation: Now that you have adjusted your lifestyle, you will need to adapt to your new personality. Adapt to the activities, the people around you, and blend in. This will take time, but once you master this, you will have a wide variety of high quality people to choose from. Look at it like learning to speak a new language. It is difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, then your options are potentially limitless.
At this step, observe carefully before you make your move. Do not rush. Study first, just like a crocodile, and when you strike, be sure to hit your mark. If you have been paying attention, it will not be difficult since you already speak their ‘language’.
In all this, remember to be honest to yourself above all. Like everything else in life, there are no guarantees that you will get what you are looking for. But this will give you more than a fair chance.