Being attracted to someone does not mean compatibility

Thursday May 23 2019


By Christine Nakalungi

Attraction is key in every relationship but it is not a sign to marry someone. However, breathtakingly beautiful someone might be, they might not be your suitable spouse.

If marriage was mainly based on beauty and six packs, all beauty queens and body builders would be married. Marriage is beyond looks. You do not want to end up with someone who cannot do anything beyond the mirror.

Do not be deceived though, looks also play a big role in a relationship. Men are visual and every man wants to have the most beautiful wife. So as you are nurturing your character, take time to look your best too.

It is a fact that beauty can be enhanced easier than character. I believe you have seen make-overs, where they turn someone from a grassy human being who most probably has no sense of fashion, no idea how to apply make-up into a graceful human being.

Because with a little touch and direction on what to wear, he or she can become quite an impressive human being, but changing someone’s character might need God’s intervention and numerous life coaches or counsellors. Personality too is a key factor. You need someone who compliments you.

If you are the kind of person who loses your cool over every little thing, you need someone who will calm you down before you explode. In the same sense, it is advisable to marry someone who you are free with, someone who will not judge you and at the same time push you to your greatest.


Everybody desires someone who is slow to anger and yet quick to forgive. A person who will celebrate the best in you and at the same time challenge you to behave better and work harder without hurting your feelings.

The right spouse is one who will stick with you in good and bad. Because so many people might only be able to be with you during celebratory time and not ready to help you carry the load of failure and disappointment.

I know a friend who wanted a hardworking woman and he got one but after a few years, he was regretting his choice. His wife was so busy with her job that she forgot her obligations as a wife. Every time she returned home, she was so exhausted to even prepare a meal. Besides that, she always claimed that she was so busy to give birth.

Marriage is about compatibility. Always listen to your heart carefully; it will direct you to the right person. You might not look good together on paper but you will feel comfortable with each other. Find that person and live happily ever after.