Cheating is a form of prostitution

Thursday October 31 2019

Pants down. When men are caught cheating on

Pants down. When men are caught cheating on their partners, they come up with many excuses. Often, the man’s cheating is blamed on the woman, citing failure on her part.   

By Christine Nakalungi

Please don’t tell her. You know it was just sex and it means nothing to me.” Paul said to Esther who had caught him cheating on her sister. This is not the first time I have heard that phrase.
Most men refer to it as “just sex”.
Are you sure the other person also just refers to it as ‘just sex’?

There is no such thing as just sex. It is prostitution. So let’s not beat around the bush. What is the difference between someone who pays another person for “just sex” and you Mr cheater ,who gets it for free or for a few shillings that you mask as ‘transport money’?
Isn’t it funny how the men don’t use the same phrase had it been the other way round? Women cheat but men just have ‘sex’.

Looks like emancipation has only been introduced in other elements but not in relationships.
Cheating is selfish. You might rejoice that you haven’t been caught yet but something called karma never seems to be late in visiting. It will surely will strike one day.

When the tables turn, I pray they don’t but if karma pays you a visit, are you ready to stomach that pain? Are you sure you won’t be running to social media to post her naked photos and calling her names? Are you sure you will not send her packing because she has ‘ruined’ your marriage?

Selfishness is the spoiler of fun. If we are to roll the dice one more time, would you want the game to keep going on or will turn the shame into anger and send her packing?

Cheating is a selfish game, better play it wisely or it comes back and bite you where it hurts the most.
Just like Paul, some people still use this excuse to devalue love and sex but no, sex is still sacred and should be honoured. It doesn’t matter what some people say, it is still sacred.