Dating a friend is a shortcut, dating a stranger is adventure

Thursday April 23 2020


By Christine Nakalungi

The first date is usually the most exciting phase of any relationship. Some men borrow from friends to make a first impression whereas women will double on layers of make-up in order to look their best.

I watched a friend getting ready for a first date with someone outside her usual circle and my God! She dragged me to more than five boutiques trying to look for the perfect dress and when we finally got three to choose from, she spent another two hours explaining why she should not wear each.

“I know that red is elegant but with the political wave going around town, I do not want him to channel his conversation on politics rather than me, I cannot risk him thinking I am a political ambassador.”

She did the same with the shoes and another hour on hair and makeup. When the man finally arrived to pick her up, I wanted to run out and get a glimpse of prince charming, but she pulled me back.

“Girl, I do not want to look desperate. Let him wait outside for a few minutes,” she said. After a few breaths, I convinced her to try and have fun.

She looked at me and said, “Easier said than done. What if he is a psycho and he kidnaps me? You should track my phone,” she panicked.


She finally got over her nerves and decided to open the door. “Are you kidding me?” She said softly that I rushed to see what was happening.

Mr new guy had come riding a big motorcycle. She was wearing a hugging bandage dress and high heels which she had spent hours choosing and now she had to sit on a motorcycle.

“You look amazing,” he said as he admired her from head to toe. He was smitten for sure that she started blushing. “And you look comfortable” she commented on his jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket.

He handed her a helmet which at this point would render her hairstyle useless and held out his hand to help her get on the motorcycle.

They both burst out laughing when her dress could not stretch enough for her to sit. But she did not seem angry or disappointed.

They managed to climb that monster bike and as a good friend, I sneaked a few photos of this guy and number plate should he turn out to be a psycho.

But whatever happens after this date, this was fun for her and adventurous unlike her routine dating life.