Despite what some people say, being single is not a curse

Thursday May 10 2018

Despite people say being single not curse

Do not lose your mind in search for a marriage spouse. COURTESY PHOTO 

By Christine Nakalungi

The way family and friends can blackmail you into marriage; one might think that when you finally tie the knot, heaven will bow down for you. But no, marriage is not a sign that you are blessed. It is a blessing but it does not define you. Being single, too, is neither a blessing nor a curse. It is just a phase in life.

A certain woman in our prayer cell gave a testimony at the weekend. She shared the frustration she has gone through in an effort to find a husband. She visited numerous witch doctors to help eradicate this ‘curse’ and in the process, one witch doctor proposed that, “the spirit hindering her marriage was so strong that he needed to sleep with her to break it”
At this point, we were all in astonishment waiting to hear that she slept with a wizard but we sighed after she told us that this was a turning point in her life.

Samantha had taken in a lot from her family and friends who kept reminding her that her life was incomplete just because she was still single. They had set her up with many different men and she had allowed to lower her standards and date a few of them but in the end, it never worked. Her two young sisters were married and the constant nagging from her family pushed her further away. She felt so alone and unbeautiful. “Who bewitched me?” She always wondered and that’s how a colleague managed to lure her into witchcraft.

She had sacrificed her money and the witch doctors made her do a lot of weird things such as carrying stuff in the middle of the night as she went around a junction. She was really convinced that the demon disturbing her was so powerful and if she just did nothing, she would be cursed for life.

A lot was done in a belief to avert this curse but she could not stand the thought of sleeping with a witch doctor. That is when she decided that she would rather stay single than lose her pride.
After she shared this story, which sounded like a nightmare to some of us, she uttered something that tickled my mind. “If marriage is a sign that I am blessed, let me stay cursed but keep my head up straight”

My dear sister/ brother, do not lose your mind in search for a marriage spouse. Live life one day at a time and if God chooses to throw marriage in the basket of your blessings, celebrate but before that, know that your marital status is not a key to eternal life.