Do not beat yourself up, there is life after a break-up

Friday February 23 2018


By Christine Nakalungi

Heartbreak is the last thing you would wish even to your enemy. It has no prescribed medicine and it can stubbornly refuse to heal regardless of how much effort you put in. It is funny how good advice begins to sound like empty boxes when you are bleeding and the only thing that matters at that moment is tears and anything that can help you cry more. You are determined to let go but the heart proves otherwise.
A friend once told me she had given up on love, it made perfect sense then. She had found out a few days to her introduction ceremony that her then fiancé was actually engaged to another woman.
The way she found out was not the point but the pain it caused nearly killed her.

Like a double-edged sword, she did not know where to turn. It hurt to think of calling her parents to cancel the function and it also hurt looking at all the Gomesis that were not going to be worn as planned. It hurt so much. It is a miracle that the pain did not kill her. By the way, that pain never kills. It might drive you into depression but it can never strangle you to death.

The abandoned bride spent all her savings drinking alcohol in an effort to erase the pain but that too never seemed to work.
One night as she returned from the bar, she took a wrong turn and drove into a ditch. Her car was towed to police as scrap. In the end, she was lonely and broke like a church mouse. It was then that she woke up from her slumber.

But before she did, she tried to end her life but realised that when she does, it will be her family left weeping not the ex’s. So yes, the pain can be unbearable but do not lose your mind over it.
As she shared this story, she smiled at those memories and one could wonder how she got herself back on her feet. Time went by and each day that passed, it hurt less until she met her husband. He seemed to have turned her world around that the past did not matter anymore.
So cry your eyes dry and allow yourself to grieve for that loss today but know one thing for sure, the world is still rotating and it is up to you to wake up and move with it. Do not get stuck in the past because the future might just surprise you.