Do not spend years crying over a heartbreak, move on

Thursday July 2 2020

Your ex on the other hand might be on his way

Your ex on the other hand might be on his way to the isle or already settled with a family. PHOTO | SHUTTER STOCK 

By Christine Nakalungi

The numerous choices that float in this world keep tempting us to choose them but the question remains, what will you choose? Will you spend the rest of your life wailing over heartbreaks of the past or will you get up, take a deep breath and dive into the pool of finding love again.
How long has it been since your last relationship? Some people will judge you when you move on too soon, claiming that you were the unserious one in a relationship and was not as invested as your partner.

Others will even call you numerous unpleasant names but these same people will call you a coward if you take too long without dating again.

Your ex on the other hand might be on his way to the isle or already settled with a family.
You on the contrary, are still hoping that God will turn back the hands of time and you correct all the mistakes to save your past broken relationship.

However, this is impossible and it is time to wake up. The world is full of so many beautiful souls that are willing to float with you in the new world of love. There is a world where you eagerly wake up to kiss and to be kissed back.

“What if it does not last?” you might fear but if it does not turn out as expected then you will not be hang for not trying again. The point is to stay in the game and not cocooning every time someone shows interest in you. Enjoy life while it lasts.
I have heard of a beautiful woman who has not dated in 10 years. When was asked why, she blamed her last relationship. When her heart was broken, she became the jury and a judge for all human species called men. She swore that she had had enough and she thought that she was better off alone.

One day she woke up only to realise that the person she was crying for all those years had a nine-year-old daughter while madam ex is still cursing him and wishing him the worst. She then panicked and wanted to catch up but how do you even catch up after wasting 10 years?
She had buried herself in books, piled up degrees and built a career but still, her walls of insecurity and undeserving always stood between her and her future.


And the longer she spent without dating, the harder it became for her. Her friends dragged her to so many blind dates but she either ran off or bored her dates to a level that they ran off.

She had forgotten the pain from her previous heartbreak but then she had forgotten what it means to trust again. Whoever heard that she had been single for 10 years never called again.

One man said, “She must be the unforgiving type and I am not sure that I am an angel who will never wrong her, she might end up never speaking to me again.”

It is okay to give yourself time to get over the past relationship and to heal that wounded heart but it is not necessary to wait for too long because tomorrow is never promised.

So, why don’t you love today and if tomorrow only brings us sorrow and heartbreak then we will once again repeat the cycle until fate brings us to the right person who might not be wearing a crown like Prince charming or holding a sword like the knight but who will surely value you and be willing to grow old with you. You could spend years crying over a heartbreak or move on.