Does your ex-lover really wish you well?

Thursday November 21 2019


By Christine Nakalungi

Lovers are selfish human beings. They will praise you and make you look down on everyone, then one day, they will drop you and leave you broken and shattered, and no matter how much you cry, they will not return to you. Such pain can only heal with time. Unfortunately, it is hard to heal when you see your ex-showing off their new lover.
Usually when you run into them, they will say things such as, “I hope you find someone better” when all they mean is that they wish you die alone on some God-forsaken island or with an alien in the middle of the jungle.
Most times some ex-lovers will say, “I hope you find a better person.” But deep down, they don’t mean it. Actually all they hope is that you never find someone as equal to her or him. Is this hypocrisy? I am not a judge to regulate what someone feels about the other.
I know someone who would gladly attend her ex’s wedding just to critic the bride and silently hope that it rains so hard that the cake is washed away by floods. And no, she is not a witch, she is just angry that someone like her ex who wasted her years with false hopes gets to be happy with another person.
She warned her ex who was trying to make peace with her in the name of, “let us be friends.”
Some people forgive and totally move on but so many will wish you all the best in your face while rolling their inner eyes and hoping that your marriage fails.
So does it make sense to invite your ex to your wedding? I think this is a risk that you cannot dare to try because who will blame him or her if he or she decides to come dressed like a clown or a high-class model looking better than the bride or groom and accidentally knock the cake down?
Every ex should stay in their lane and the past where it belongs.