Even the toughest boss is human after all

Thursday October 25 2018

Bosses are human too. They are human first, and

Bosses are human too. They are human first, and bosses after so they still suffer from the same experiences and weaknesses that we mere subordinates encounter 

By Eugene Mugisha

In most cases we tend to forget that bosses are human too. They are human first, and bosses after so they still suffer from the same experiences and weaknesses that we mere subordinates encounter, and in some cases possibly even more acutely because they have attained a certain level of distinction.
This is hard to notion, especially when the boss in question seems to be flawless in all aspects.
My boss Grace is a man who always seems to know what he wants, and exactly what to do in any situation. Simply put, he is in charge; of himself and everything and everyone around him. I have heard people refer to him as being ‘a really cool man’. Personally,
I have not known him for long, having joined his company only a few months ago. But I can already see why he is the boss. I have a healthy respect for him as a leader.
But I had never given serious thought about him as a human being, a man with manly attributes until I happened to fall in on a group that was discussing him. My workmates had gone out for drinks after a company get together.
When I joined that group, they were talking about the fact that the boss was not married, not even dating. And to them that was a source of great concern, simply not understanding how someone like that would not be attached to anyone.
“Maybe he is seeing someone and he keeps his private matters to himself,” someone suggested. This argument was quickly shot down by someone who had been at the company from its early days who said the boss had never been known to be affiliated with anyone, romantically.
“Maybe he is gay,” another one said.
This line of thought did not get much support. Somehow, no one would imagine the boss as being gay. As if there was ways of identifying gay people.
When someone tried to pursue this line of thought, everyone quickly refuted. Maybe they just did not want to imagine their boss as being gay. Nevertheless, this too was discarded.
And we seemed lost for ideas until one of the girls quietly suggested that maybe the boss was single because he had not yet found someone he liked enough. This, we gave serious consideration because, well, it was only logical that a person like that would want someone as high performing as himself.
We were ready to accept this as the most likely reason when yet again, the same girl quietly said, “maybe he is too shy to talk to women about what he feels for them...”
Now this made everyone go quiet and turn to stare at this girl. How dare she? How could she use the word ‘shy’ in the same sentence with the boss, without the word ‘not’ somewhere? The boss we all knew was so confident and respected by many for his brilliance, intellect and confidence! How dare she?
But she looked back unashamedly, unapologetic. Shrugging her shoulders, she took a sip of her drink and said, “Well, he is only human. He could be a very different person from the persona he puts on at work.”