Eventually, the side chic/mistress will want more

Thursday March 14 2019

A couple having an argument. File photo

A couple having an argument. File photo 

By Christine Nakalungi

What begins as just a fling might be the fire that will burn down your home. Truth is, at some point, all of us have to be accountable for our actions. It is true some people get away with them, but majority will pay for whatever they did.

I am always surprised when cheating husbands claim the mistress is trying to ruin their marriages. Excuse me sir, the moment you allowed yourself to look at another woman other than your wife, you put your marriage in danger. You did not only break the commitment you made to your wife, but you broke her trust, love and exposed her to heartbreak and at worst, sexually transmitted diseases.

“But she (mistress) accepted to stay in the shadow,” you claim, and its true, maybe she was so blinded by the vacations and the good apartment you rent for her. She believed that as long as you give her a good life, pay her bills and elevate her to a lifestyle that makes her peers envious, she would be okay with the second position. Yes, that could work but not for long. Eventually, she will get tired of you ignoring her calls at night, being alone on Christmas holiday just because you and your family are out of the city for a vacation. The feeling of belonging to someone who is not available will soon devour her and push her to a point of demanding for what you and your wife have. She will want to meet your family and friends, she might be tempted to get pregnant so that you call her your own or she would rather spoil your marriage by attacking your wife, “If I cannot have him, no one should.” One mistress said as she threatened to harm the man who wanted to end the relationship.

Generally speaking, no one wants to stay hidden. It is so hard to keep in the shadow. Even if you give her everything she wants, she will still crave for the only thing that she does not have and that is the recognition that she is your lover too. And when this time comes, my brother, you might not be able to silence her. A bitter woman who has been let to believe that she deserves the second position gets frustrated so easily. She will not have a lot to lose and yet you have quite a lot at risk. Your dignity in the public eye, the pain that you are bound to cause to your wife and children might consume them for as long as they live. But is it worth it?

So before you expose your marriage to outsiders, be reminded that sicknesses that kills faster start very small and before you know it, it has spread to your entire body and by then, even special doctors might be out of options to save you. Save yourself now before it is too late.