Focus on turning your spouse into your best friend

Wednesday January 15 2020

Being a friend gives people the liberty to be honest and in most cases, the reality is not as appeasing. Shutter Image

Friends are not born but created and before you dismiss my idea of turning the person you love into a friend, let us play ‘the real game’. How many of your friend’s secrets are you keeping but wish you never knew about?

So many people will tell you to marry your friend but sometimes when you look through the list of your friends, you cannot see or have feelings beyond going out at the weekend with most of them.

Being a friend gives people the liberty to be honest and in most cases, the reality is not as appeasing.

Friendship also differs, some are just acquaintances who we occasionally hangout with and laugh with but know little or nothing about each other.

Others are just friends who know a little bit about us and care for us, they will support you when in need and even be your shoulder to cry on sometimes but is that enough to drive them to the altar?

The most special position of friendship would be the best friend but this is not for everyone and yet it would be so easy. Being a best friend is knowing the person almost 90 per cent but still choosing to stick around.


A best friend sees beyond what everyone else sees. Best friends stand with you even when they know that you are in the wrong.

However much they fight, they care about each other so dearly that they will speak again after five minutes.

If you find the basic things that the two of you have in common, you can turn that person into your best friend. Your spouse should be the first person you call if you have good or bad news.

Decide to talk to your spouse like you have no one else in your life. The little things that you ignore are the real things that turn strangers into best friends.

So instead of trying to turn your annoying friends into spouses, maybe it is time to channel your efforts into creating a best friend out of that same person that you are in love with.