From sharing a seat in the bus to being lovers

Tuesday December 11 2018

Anthony Ainobushoborozi and  Joveal

Anthony Ainobushoborozi and Joveal Kushemererwa cut cake during their wedding 

By Beatrice Nakibuuka

Anthony Ainobushoborozi, a quantity surveyor first met Joveal Kushemererwa, a Kyambogo University student at a Life Changers’ Movement Fellowship in Banda in April 2016. He was the fellowship coordinator and she attended as a student. One of the members introduced her to him. Two months later, the fellowship organised a week’s mission outreach to Tororo. The two happened to be seatmates but one of her colleague sat between them.

“At one of the stopovers when we went to buy snacks, one of the hawkers asked me to tell her that she was beautiful. Joveal shared her snacks with us and I also shared mine. During the outreach, she was social, jolly and liked singing. I liked everything about her but had to watch from a distance because of my position and age. I also did not want her to think that I was taking advantage of her,” Anthony reveals.
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