I am in love with my former boyfriend

Thursday September 6 2018


By Beatrice Nakibuuka

Dear Heart to Heart, I met someone in O-Level, we fell in love but he was expelled from school. Due to lack of communication, we went separate ways but later had on and off relationship. The last one was broken because being abroad, we rarely talked on phone but the one time he called, I failed to pick up. With that he developed trust issues and advised that we give each other space. I thought he had another woman, thus being elusive. So after two months, I got someone else that I actually introduced to my parents. However, I still have feelings for my ex. What should I do? Rose


Cornelius Twijukye. Once upon a time, a dog was crossing a river with a bone in its mouth. Suddenly it noticed another dog inside the river but it could not realise that that was its shadow so it barked at the other dog. The bone fell in the water and the shadow disappeared. Then the dog realised that there was no other dog. My sister, do not be like that.

C’zar Engorit. The only reason as to why you love your high school sweetheart is because he is abroad. Period!.

Mathew Mutungi. Girls that keep talking about their old lovers that have gone abroad yet they claim to have someone here are so crafty, opportunistic and satanic and will never be contented.

Kukundakwe Asiimire Shivan. Keep moving forward. Not answering the phone was a minor reason for him to go silent. If a man wants a woman, nothing can ever stop him from chasing her, so if he did not chase you enough then he does not deserve you. All the best with your new lover.

Phoebe Miriam. What should you do? Listen, a bird in hand is worth two in the wild! Forget the long distance love who may never settle down with you and focus on the man you have introduced to your parents...life goes on!

Tony Real. Have decided to forgive you, inbox me in the evening and we go for an expresso at Cafe javas.. I am the one that you have been dreaming about, the one that your aunt told you of.

Michael Bwalatum. You are too fake. You actually do not love that guy but you are seriously in love with his wallet.

Emirez Emilly Ckale. Please dear, be a virtuous woman and let the high school boy be. You already found love in your current relationship and by the fact that he is abroad you have no guarantee that he will come back to you. He may only want to satisfy his desires and move on. I advise you to continue and focus on your new relationship.

Ddamulira Paul. Decide who you love most but I will advise that you stay with the current man.

Chris Chris. You fell in love again after two weeks. I think there is more to this story.

Joseph Obany. You are confused. Why are you not moving on?

Tina Tatina. You are an impatient woman who cannot stay in a relationship for sometime. Give yourself time to heal , you need to first allow yourself to get over someone before you get involved with another. Otherwise you will carry the baggage that caused the last relationship to fail into the supposed new one. If you carry on with the same behaviour, then be ready to live a miserable and unsatisfied life.

To Godrey. That is why women are hard machines to operate. Your new catch is yet to realise you are only using him to get over your high school lover. If you knew that you still loved your high school man, you should have been patient for some time. But it is like you are targeting a certain type of men. I think you need to decide on what it is you want because no one will make the final decision for you.

Derrick Kalas Kalyango. You just do not know how to love. Ask your ssenga for advice.

Precious Sylvia. My dear, you just need to mature brainwise otherwise you might loose both of them.

Nyaka’Rwot Diana. He does not love you. He was looking for a way of breaking up with you that is why he pretended not to understand that one can miss a call. Stop loving people who do not love you.
Kisamu Vikita. Just follow your heart. You are in control of your destiny and life. Make your own happiness.

Alamiga Muzamil. He is coming with the dollars, so wait for him.

Christine Nsokwa. How can you say that you moved on and even introduced someone to your parents when your thoughts are this divided. In the end, it will be the second man to suffer so give him a break. The best thing you can do is take time and decide within yourself who you love.

Counsellor’s say>
Stephen Langa counsellor at Family Life Network

Talk it over with him

Dear Anonymous,

Dear Rose, you seem confused about what to choose even when you are in another relationship already. You have kept a special place for your high school boyfriend in your heart. Time and circumstances have changed and you have introduced someone to your parents.
If he asked for a break and has not communicated since then, there could be a possibility that he found another girl where he is. Choosing to wait for him may not be a point here because you are not sure. You should not regret your decision of moving on.
The decision is in your hands. You need to make up your mind. The fact that you introduced him shows you have some kind of liking for him. It may be a little hard but try hard to forget about the past and have a new beginning with the person that is here ready for you.

Compiled by Beatrice Nakibuuka