I am thinking of leaving my girlfriend

Thursday October 31 2019

Dear Heart to Heart,
I have been in a three-year long distance relationship. I love my girl and I hope to make things official someday. However, recently, I met this very charming lady who is slightly older than I am and the chemistry between us keeps growing stronger. We have not gotten intimate yet but I love her company and everything about her. I cannot stop thinking about her and calling her. What can I do?
Confused Henry


Phoebe Miriam You see, this is why it is wise to be prudent with online and long distance relationships.Don’t get carried away. There should always be an exit option in case things get intense. Majority of long distance relationships have ended in heartache and pain because the partners get lonely and replace their spouses. My dear, communicate with yourgirlfirend and let her move on. Don’t waste her time.

Jackson Nixon You are being tested. These are temptations to prove you right or wrong, to prove whether you are a man of integrity or not. Move on with your first girlfriend. The first choice is usually the best, no regrets.

Adeola Onitolo A reflection of lack of contentment on the part of the man who is looking forward to seeing someone else as to the issue of relationship. I think that the older lady in question might be financially buoyant! This could be the main reason why you are embedded in the so-called hide and seek romance with her.

Ivan Waswa What do you want in life? In life, you must be able to make choices and move on.


Silver Okiror My brother that’s just a crush and lust. With time you may not feel the same.

Grace Marley Muhendo Seek the Lord’s guidance on the matter through prayer and meditation.

Christopher J Matumbwe You want to abandon your relationship because of someone you have just seen? All the sacrifices invested in that relationship will be wasted.

Gloria Rukundo Stick to your girlfriend please. You will always meet better and more charming women but that doesn’t mean that you must date them all. Have some self control brother and be faithful.

Pidson Mukye This is just excitement. Slow down and look left and right before are knocked down.

Gerald Klain The passage to hell always looks golden and attractive. You must be heading blindly to your downfall. Playing games in relationships is a very costly exercise.

Aella Mwase Stay with your girlfriend. Maybe it is time for you to go visit her and remedy the loneliness.

Counsellor’s say>
Jonathan Okiru
Relationship counsellor
Not all that glitters is gold

Dear Henry ,
This is when true character is tasted. You need to prove whether you are loyal to your girlfriend. What happens if you lose this relationship because of what you are fueling at the moment? What will happen again if you meet another charming lady three years down the road. The cycle may likely keep repeating itself not until you pass this present test and avoid retakes in this field.
You may deliberately need to break the cycle buy putting to stop what ever you are doing that facilitates the building of chemistry between you and Miss. Charming just for the sake of your relationship. Avoid her company. Instead of spending time with her, spend that time doing other constructive things. Let Miss. Charming know about your commitment to your girlfriend. If she does not mind your commitment then just run for your life.

Compiled by Beatrice Nakibuuka