I met her at the one place I detest most

Thursday October 10 2019

The couple  who now have a daughter insist on

The couple who now have a daughter insist on dialogue as the key to a long lasting marriage. COURTESY PHOTO 


When Matt Bish and his brother Roger Mugisha walked into Stanbic Bank Garden City Branch, they drew attention from almost everyone but Catherine Nampijja, a teller.

You see, the two were famous thanks to a couple of movies they had acted and directed. At that time, they were particularly famous because they had just released a movie titled, Battle of the souls which had received a lot of media reviews. It was trending and so were they. Catherine might not have given him a second look but Bish did.

“When I laid eyes on her, I felt my heart sing,” he recalls. Unfortunately, they did not speak. He transacted his business and left, with only but a memory of her face.

A year later in 2007 after Catherine had left the bank, they met again.

“We met in front of the Garden City Branch entrance. That was the first time I really looked at him from head to toe. I noticed his height but most importantly the shoes he was wearing. He asked me to watch a movie with him but I turned him down.”

After that meeting, they lost touch again until the end of 2008 when she saw him on her way to work.


“I was working with an oil company based in Bunga. That day, when I saw him, I gasped. We exchanged pleasantries and just like the first two times, we lost contact again. ”

Interestingly, they met again at the bank. That time, they made an appointment to go on a movie date.

She can’t remember who called first but they met at the Wine Garage a day later, spoke and discovered they had a lot in common.

“It was worth the time. Catherine was good company and I was always looking forward to another movie date. At the time, that seemed like the best thing to do,” Bish intimates.

Catherine still didn’t know that Bish was a famous movie producer. He introduced her to his friends, mostly Old Boys from Namilyango College where he attended part of his high school.

She remained in their company, and whenever they went out to parties, clubs and visits, she remained by his side.

“I was excited to introduce her to my family members. Fortunately, when I did, they liked her instantly. It was as if she had been there forever,” Bish says.

Getting hitched
In late 2009, Catherine moved in with him in Bunga where he stayed and on Valentine’s Day of 2011, he proposed to her. She accepted his proposal.

Later that year, on September 2, the couple held their introduction ceremony in Mityana where Catherine’s parents live and a week later, on September 9, they walked down the aisle at Christ the King Church. Bish quips about how funny love is.

“I detest the banking hall because of the long queues so it is funny that that is where I found love.”

Keeping it together
Catherine says for a relationship to thrive and not be destroyed by jealousy, there must be trust.

“It is crucial to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and talk about them. Dialogue is key. Always remain true to one another and communicate as much as possible. Don’t pay much attention to outsiders. They are not usually all for you. Remember you are not perfect so forgive one another. Finally, pray together. A couple that prays together, stays together,” Catherine advises.

Bish agrees, adding that putting God before them in everything that they do, has strengthened their marriage that marriage is what you make it.

“When we were getting married, we were told that marriage is a perfect relationship of God made for two imperfect people. So if you are not perfect, don’t expect the other to be. Just make sure you enjoy each other’s company by becoming best friends.”

He re-echoes his wife’s advice that forgiveness and understanding one another is very important.

“Know that challenges are going to come but as long as you forgive, especially before going to bed, and understand that each of your opinions matter in working towards a solution then the marriage will be fun,” he adds.