If a woman’s intuition won’t catch your lie, her prying will

Thursday June 4 2020


By Christine Nakalungi

A woman is special, believe it or not. Besides the multi-tasking, she has the ability to smile when she is hurting inside. Women have strong intuition which is a shield that I think God willingly gave them. Though sometimes women choose to turn a blind eye, most times they actually know what is really going on. You can adopt different habits and think that you are masking them pretty good and for some time she can let you believe that she is a fool and oh, that is another talent they have.
Yes, you can take her for a fool and just when you let your guard down, she will either strike or just let you be. Yes, some women will let you be for so many reasons and one of them is because they know you more than you might even think you know yourself. On the other hand, a woman might ignore her intuition but, in the end, her artificial talent of being nosy will catch you at your game.

Yes, a wife has a right to stalk her husband if at all she feels that he is not being honest. And if she does not do it, it is out of respect. A woman will notice a slight change even in the way you breathe. She is the number one detective in her family, and this is why mothers usually make the best parents and disciplinarians.
Tamayo has been enjoying his new hobby; gambling. He was never a big spender and yet he started wasting money with no valid explanation. His wife Rose noticed but if he was spending his own money, she turned a blind eye. She suspected adultery but at the moment she had a sick child and decided not to waste her energy playing a jealousy wife.

She knew that if he was cheating in the middle of their crisis, she would make him pay for being a cheater and a lousy father. But she decided to first be a mother and care for what matters the most. After a week, she noticed some behavioural changes. Tamayo was always on the edge, he had all of a sudden got new friends who looked rich by the way they dressed and smelt and yet borrowed money from him, so she decided to intervene.

Women are the family prophets; they can predict your every move before you even think of it. That is the only way to save their families from unseen trouble.
Her husband was losing money fast, when she confronted him, he became defensive and accused her of being nosy, “Of course I will be nosy. Tell me yourself or I find out my way.” She warned. Tamayo thought that she was only threatening. “I am not cheating if that’s what you are worried about.” He sadly said. “Then I will give you a chance to tell me yourself or I find out on my own but when I do, and you know that I will, you will not have a chance to apologise.” She spoke calmly as she stared in his face. He laughed it off and walked away. To his surprise, at the end of the week, she brought him evidence about his new friends, they were scammers who used gambling as a way to empty people’s pockets.

And when he finally explained to her, she demanded a pay for saving his money, “If I wasn’t nosy, you were going to send us to streets.” They laughed about it because in the end, she saved their money by both her intuition and nosiness. kalungixtyn@gmail.com