If you love them, keep them safe by staying home

Thursday April 9 2020

For the men, this could be a time to strengthen

For the men, this could be a time to strengthen the bond with your wife and children. Net Photo 

By Christine Nalakungi

If you love them, keep them safe
The world is under attack and this is not the right time to be reckless. I have watched social media memes and funny posts that at least get your mind off the worries but when we get back to serious business, this is a time to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Some workers have been laid off and others have been requested to stay home. Some claim that they cannot survive quarantine with their spouses and so they sneak out to go hang out with friends, have a few drinks or even get a chance to go visit their mistresses. But if you cannot survive living with your spouse in such a ‘bad time’ then you need to review your marital vows.

Most marriages are under a test and much as we want to think coronavirus is miles away from us, it is closer than we think.

It is time to work out all those issues you were escaping by going to work. Apologise where need be and hopefully you will be forgiven. Your marriage can come out of this stronger.

So when you go out there and playing reckless, remember the lives of your spouse and children all depend on you. This is the time to weigh your options. Would you rather have fun with your friends and lose your family?

Dear men, this is the time to strengthen that bond with your wife and children.
Wives, please don’t make this quarantine a nagging contest.


This is a wave that affects the rich and the poor, the young and old. It is time to focus on what matters the most and that is family.

Protect them and together we will go through this stronger and better