If you say you do not want to be loved, you are a liar

Thursday February 27 2020


By Christine Nakalungi

Love is the spice that makes life worth living. However, I have listened to people claiming that they do not want to love or be loved.

Love is like money; everyone wants it although not everyone gets to have it in their lifetime. Perhaps the recipient was busy with things that did not even matter anyway.

One thing to remember is that love will not stick around if you keep pushing it away. There are millions of people who believe in love and much as it would want to prove you wrong, it is so highly demanded that it will not stick around waiting for you to wake up from your slumber.

“Love is painful” you might say, but again; tell me anything beautiful that is painless. Although it is painful to give birth, the pain is made up for by your lovely baby. But unlike childbirth, there is no C-Section in love. Also, the lazy never benefit from the harvests of education as well as wealth. Truthfully, there is no pain without gain.

So, before you go around preaching hate instead of love, watch your back because if you are not surrounded by love, you will be hit by the sharp knives of loneliness, betrayal, envy and their master, depression.

We all need love. It is medicine to the soul even if it can be sour sometimes but in the end; we need assurance that we deserve to be part of this world. Do not bury yourself in loneliness while masking it pretending to be tough.


It is okay to be vulnerable. It is okay to let someone into your heart. There is no guarantee that it will be easy but it will be a worthy investment.