It’s never about how expensive the wedding was

Friday February 9 2018


By Christine Nakalungi

Most times we miss out on the real point of actually legalising our relationships. People will go overboard to organise a wedding and not have a day or two to get ready for what lies ahead.

Everyone likes a beautiful wedding, the one that will inspire the single people or make them envy the marrieds but in the end, there is one thing in common for both a poor and a rich couple; the goal to live happily ever after.

The fate of your marriage is not determined by how much you spend on the wedding.
People might praise you for having the most beautiful gown and riding in the most expensive limousine but after the day ends, all you will carry into your marriage is just memory.

Ssekitoleko has two daughters, Irene and Ritah. Ritah got married to a rich man. Her wedding went down in the family records. Rating from the beautiful gown to 20-tier cake. Everything was very admirable and breathtaking.

The parents felt honoured and proud of their daughter but six months down the road, Ritah’s husband was arrested over failure to pay his debts. Apparently, he had got a loan to fund his wedding and when he failed to pay within the agreed period of time, he was arrested and Ritah was left in panic.

Meanwhile, Irene had been married off to an average man, with whom she had had an average wedding with just a few relatives and friends. They never went beyond their means to pull off a wedding and yet they had lived together for five years. After witnessing Ritah’s wedding, Irene felt like a loser for never having such a big wedding little did she know that in the end Ritah had to raise money to pay for the fancy wedding.

That’s when I realised that if you can afford a big wedding, go ahead and do it but if you cannot, why do you bite more than you can chew? Life is what you make it. I have never seen anyone imprisoned for holding a small wedding.

So yes, the size of the wedding has nothing to do with the fate of your marriage. What matters is that both of you are happy and are ready to commit to each other.
Some people wed big and divorce in just a month or a year and yet others marry small but live together longer. Spend wisely but live happily.

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