Look no further than the friend zone

Thursday June 25 2020

Everyone tells us to marry our friend but most

Everyone tells us to marry our friend but most people play blind to the people in the friend zone. PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK 

By Christine Nakalungi

In life we are always looking for something but in most cases, we are looking in the wrong places.

Sometimes, what you are looking for is just in front of you, if only you paid enough attention. Some people search for love desperately from all places; church, work, dating sites and yet the people you call friends might check all the boxes if you gave them a chance.

Typically, you would never add someone on your friend-list if they do not impress you in one way or another. Some people just make us laugh, others are helpful, others are good at giving advice and yet others are good listeners. We never add people whom we do not appreciate.

One day, when you start paying attention to the people that you have friend zoned, you will realise that some people actually like you but maybe they came into your life at the wrong time and so, they decided to stay in the friend zone hoping that one day they will get a chance to graduate to your lover.

People that you know are the easiest to date because then, there is no reason for faking it.
They know the real you and if they decide to love you, you have got yourself gold.

Everyone tells us to marry our friend but most people play blind to the people in the friend zone. Dear brothers, if she still considers you a friend and not a brother, then you have a chance because surely, friend zone is better than a brother zone. Brother zone means, “hey, don’t even think about it” but friend zone gives you a better chance so do not misuse it.


We visited a friend’s home one day; she had gone to check on her grandmother who was sick.
She asked her if she was still single and when she said yes, her grandmother looked at all of us, “How can you have male friends and still be single?” we laughed at the male friends we had gone with. When we were leaving, she invited all of us back for her birthday in two weeks.

She made us promise that we will all come back. When we came back two weeks later, we had fun in her backyard. We roasted maize, played all childish games and sung to her loudly. We had so much fun and the old woman was just watching. She called one by one of our male friends and had a conversation with them. It never crossed my mind that she was screening them.

Before we left that evening, she pulled her granddaughter aside and told her who among her friends liked her.

“Look, he called off work just to be with you today. He sat close to you at every chance he got and he unconsciously defended you when your friends were trying to tease you. He also offered you a drink before he got one for himself” his name was Paul.

When we left, she was so quiet the entire evening and so was Paul. We thought that they were both tired so we ignored it. She called me later that night and told me what her grandmother had said, she could not sleep. She was confused because she realised that she too liked Paul but did not think that she had any chance with him so she befriended him.

Grandmother had also told Paul about her observation and she made him promise that he will not hurt her. But the question is, how does he get out of the friend zone?