Love has a way of testing each player’s intentions

Thursday June 20 2019

Most of the time, acting like you can read your

Most of the time, acting like you can read your partner’s mind isn’t the worst thing in the world. Your partner may even find it amusing. But when you start assuming negative intent, it can turn into a huge problem. net PHOTO 

By Christine Nakalungi

Time and time again, our faith in love has been tested. We have embraced love so tight and promised never to let it go but when the people in the game turned the sword, we swore never to love again.
Love has disappointed many of us. You too have blamed it for all your heartbreaks and misery but instead of hating the game, we should just blame some players. Many people are disguising themselves as ambassadors of love and yet all they represent is selfishness. They come dressed in fantasy, promise you heaven on earth and disingenuously sweep you off your feet.
But the moment you let your gut down and invite them into your heart, they takeoff the mask and reveal their true intentions. By then, it is too late, you are already buried too deep and bailing you out means leaving you in tears and longtime scars.
Love has a way of testing each player’s intentions. Just like the Bible says, “you will see them by their fruits.” Eventually, the wolves that are dressed in love’s sheepskin get tired of pretending and the real ambition shows up.
Unfortunately, true love is a hidden treasure, a few people discover it, many end up with impersonators and others just do not even bother searching for it.
Do not blame love for the heartbreaks. Love is just like Uber, it just connects the available driver with the passenger who wants to go from Point A to point B.
It will connect the two of you but does not control how the two act during the ride and just like an Uber driver and an Uber rider, each are using the Uber services but Uber does not control how the driver drives and neither does it stop the rider from abusing the driver or vice versa.
So is the love game. Love is kind, humble, does not rejoice in wrongs and it does not last just one night or month or even a few years, it is everlasting. If the person you call your lover is less of any of the above, my dear sister/brother, you are dearly embracing a red bear instead of a baby, you are playing basketball with a rugby player. You are giving a ring to the wrong person.
Run as fast as your feet can take you and buy yourself a ticket to the love island where love is treated as a priority, not as a choice because true love in its essence will not hurt you but a wrong lover will.