My girlfriend read a message from a crush

Thursday March 21 2019

She does not normally read my texts, but this

She does not normally read my texts, but this one showed right up on the screen. COURTESY PHOTO 

By Eugene Mugisha

The past two months have been hard. From valentines saga to my work-related things where it was suspected I was having an affair with the boss lady, to my neighbour who has recently decided to start throwing house parties every weekend, hence making me unfit for work on Monday mornings.

To be honest, none of these are of my making. Valentines saga, I was broke and I had no way out. Thankfully, my girlfriend has not yet figured out the lie I told her about my sickness, otherwise I would not have a girlfriend.

The office boss thing, that is a tale for another day, but in brief, everyone, especially those in the human resources office, think I am having an affair with one of my bosses, who is older than me. Now, even if I was having an affair, which I am not, I strongly insist, would it not be more proper to say that she is having an affair with me. I mean, I am not married, she is.

Now, there is my neighbour. This guy has recently become single. So he has a lot of free time on his hands to spend with his female friends. It is like he is celebrating being single again. He never behaved like this when he still had his girlfriend.

The way he is acting, one is forced to think he is the one who broke up with the girlfriend and he is celebrating his freedom. Or, he is trying to hide his heartbreak under all this partying.

Whatever the reason, I do not care. What concerns me is the fact that every weekend, for the past six weeks now, it is party time. Friday through Sunday. All I need to do is to show up. Even if I do not, I still hear the full blast of the music in my house. I love parties, but I have to rest, and work too. But that is not the real problem.


About two weeks ago, I met a woman at one of the parties. It was my first time to meet this particular woman, and on brief questioning, she told me she had come with a friend. I like this particular kind of women, the ones who accompany their friends. They are easy to prey on, and most of the time, they are better human beings than the ones who brought them.

This one looked really decent, and she was not drinking. After about an hour of exclusively talking to her, I invited her for tea at my house. Of course she refused; she said she would visit some other time. We exchanged numbers, told her I had to work the next day, and went to sleep. Then I forgot about her entirely. It was my girlfriend who reminded me of her. She sent a text while I was watching TV.

My girlfriend was using my phone for no one knows what, and she read it. She does not normally read my texts, but this one showed right up on the screen. And she read it, of course.

“Hey Eugene, been waiting for your call all this time. If you do not call me right now, I am going to call your girlfriend and tell her about us.” Of course it was a joke. She did not have my girlfriend’s number.

But my girlfriend had no way of knowing that it was a joke. As of today, I am not sure if she is still my girl since she has not talked to me in four days.