My lovers go for ‘kyeyo’ and never come back

Thursday August 29 2019



Phoebe Miriam: Work on your character. Be positive and understand that those ladies were not meant for you! Pray hard and work hard. Let go of the past and be positive.

Alvin Johnson: Draw to yourself positive thoughts and actions, then good shall start happening to you and everywhere you had lost hope, a refill you shall gain. Take a deep inner self analysis and then raise yourself up and be ready for positivity only. Time and Prayer!
Patience Natie Nampa: May be when you date them you normally come to them straight forward telling them about your need to settle down with them immediately even before you get to know them better. Try to first develop a friendship with a woman, learn her character ways and what makes her tick. If she really shows you signs of needing to settle down and you see her as some one you can settle down with, then you can bring in the subject of marriage. But rushing into it at the start of a relationship can never be good.
Isaac Isingoma: Stop worrying about women and settling down. First focus on your life. Be strong and wait for the right one while building your future.
Thomas Ocaya Oroma: Don’t even think and talk about bad luck. You haven’t gotten your right partner,just look for them rightly. May be there’s someone abroad also who is almost getting into the country to look for a boyfriend too,since your love life is rotating about abroad. I wish you well but don’t call your self unlucky. Continue searching.

Dennis Nuwagaba Reverand: You have the wrong choice of persons, not bad luck. All the three ladies you have dated have travelled for ‘kyeyo’.
This time round make a choice of person that won’t look at travelling so fast.
Ivan Waswa: It is a tough situation but not new! Try to pray about that bad omen following you. Then if you still fail try to use real friends to identify for you someone to marry.

Shadia Valens Owomugisha: The one for hasn’t met you yet. Wait patiently and things will work out.

Ummu Rayyan And the funny thing is that when you eventually find someone who will accept you, those other ladies will come back.


Sam Mukasa: Do not lose hope. The right one is still out there waiting for you. Take your time. Good luck.

Lucy Mulindwa: You need to revisit your priorities. What exactly are you looking for and what are you bringing to the table? You might have demands but are doing nothing on your part to keep the people you date around. So first settle down, examine yourself. Improve yourself and make sure you have something to offer and no, I don’t mean money; then go searching again. Most importantaly, never give up.

Luke M: Looks like you are being used. If you are providing support for the ladies, then you should stop. If it is the financial support that they want from you and not a genuine relationship then cutting off the cash flow will sieve the opportunists from genuine ones, if any.
Lexi Apio Relax: Marriage is not an end in itself. You might even get married and be faced with other issues. So try to focus on other aspects of life such as building and strengthening relationships with family and freinds, improving yourself at the work place, learning new schools, travelling, seeking God , the list is endless. They say when you are not looking, that is when love finds you.

Caroline Chemchet: You are the common character here so it is only wise to take a deep look at yourself. Are you too needy or desparate that you are blind to the fact that you are being used and only realise too latewhen the person taking advantage of you is on a plane to God knows where?

Linda N: Finding the right one comes easy for some people but not for us all. There will be hurdles susch as these to overcome. But if you are focused and determined to find a wife, then keep looking. Don’t give up and stay far away from self pity. It does you no good. Afterall, they say good things come to those who wait. So pray and wait and keep interacting with various people. Keep looking forward. Don’t allow to be bogged down by past hurts and disaapointments. I wish you luck and know you will surely overcome.