Our love was brewed by the sound of drums

Thursday December 5 2019

Hakim and tracy’s advice to young couples is

Hakim and tracy’s advice to young couples is that they need to be friends as partners and trust each other. Courtesy Photo 

By Edgar Batte

After the band’s performance, she approached him to relay her appreciation of his stage performance. He was smitten by her beauty and humbling gesture and asked that they exchange mobile phone numbers. They only got to talk again after a month.

Love brews
Even if he wanted to see her again as soon as possible, he couldn’t because he didn’t know how to approach her. There he was twiddling his fingers wondering how and when to make his move when a ‘miracle’ happened.

“All of a sudden, I received a WhatsApp message from Tracy asking me where I was. I called her back immediately. She told me she was in Kansanga and since I was at a nearby restaurant, I asked her to join me,” Hakim narrates.

She turned down his suggestion and instead asked him to join her at a hangout in Kansanga. They met and talked about many things but what was really on their minds; was the undeniable attraction to each other.

“I had my fears because he was a stranger to me so I thought it wise for us to first focus on becoming friends. Kim was and is still real and open,” she explains.

They met a few more times as friends and during one of their outings, he asked her for permission to start dating her.

“He was serious with settling down with me and loved me so much. He proved it every time he got a chance to. The fact is that at first I thought he was not serious about me until he asked me to introduce him to my family,” Tracy says.

Meeting the parents
From that point on, she opened her heart completely to him, knowing that she was assured of starting a journey of commitment with a serious partner. He even went on to propose to her during the official visit to her parents’ home.

“I have never been honoured and happy the way I was on that day. At first it felt like a dream but when I saw him walking through our gate, I knew it was really happening,” she shares.

What drew them together
“I like Tracy for her discipline, respect and care. She is so caring. She is a good cook, keeps checking on me and is an open person,” Hakim explains.

Tracy says she talks to my Hakim every chance she gets.

“Trust me, only hearing his voice and seeing his face calms me completely. We plan on starting a family and spending the rest of our lives together,” she says.
Nakanwagi’s advice to young couples is that they need to be friends as partners and trust each other.