Resist the temptation to check your spouse’s phone

Thursday July 11 2019


By Christine Nakalungi

Phones are good but they have contributed a lot of break-ups. It is so demeaning to know that your spouse could be flirting with someone else while sharing your bed. Some people are good at hiding it whereas others will just do it without hiding at all.
Lately, people have complex passwords that protect most of their phone apps. And technology has made it harder by requiring an index thumb or eye scan for a password. This means that chances of sneaking into your spouse’s phone are getting slimmer each day.
Although checking your spouse’s phone might be tempting, I mean you want to know who he is speaking with while he sat quietly in the bathroom for over an hour and what they have been saying but this is a trap for a heartbreak and unwanted confusion.
I know a person who used his brother’s name to save his mistress’s number in his phone. His wife never did not suspect anything even when the phone rang late in the night. She knew that not answering the phone was her way of respecting her in-law.
As the ‘forty days of the thief’ always approach faster than the thief ever imagines, her husband got a heart attack and well she thought of calling her brother to inform him of which hospital they he had been admitted.
Since he did not even have a password, the wife thought he was just an innocent spouse and never raised any suspicions.
“Hullo honey, I waited the entire night for you at the Hotel. I am so disappointed in you. Why didn’t you call…” The woman went on and on to express her anger for being stood up. The wife on the other side of the phone was puzzled. Had she called a wrong number? But wait; is this the same person her husband has been talking to all along?
You can imagine the shock. She badly wanted the husband to either die in his sleep (unconscious state) or wake up and then she chokes him to death. She went through the texts and she wept in disappointment. Everybody in the hospital thought her husband had died because of the way she was wailing and when she finally got in contact with his family, she left the hospital as fast as she could to avoid the temptation of choking him.
It should be your spouse’s right to know your phone’s password. However, nowadays, many think this is overstepping one’s rights. On the other hand, checking your spouse’s phone might give you an uncalled for heart attack. So should I just ignore him and not be curious? Well, nobody can tell you how you run your relationship but a cheater will always be a cheater. Even when he is caught, he will cheat again.
Then the common question arises, is it wise to check your spouse’s phone?