She is my number one advisor – KS Alpha

Wednesday January 15 2020

Sulaiman Alpha Kamulegeya and Sophia Nakayi Wavamuno at their introduction ceremony. The two say trust has kept their relationship strong despite living on different continents. Courtesy Photo

It is said that being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. When Sulaiman Alpha Kamulegeya met Sophia Nakayi Wavamuno, he felt courage that drove him to walk over to her and initiate conversation.

Kamulegeya, alias KS Alpa, his stage and artistic name, says after further conversation with Nakayi, he discovered that she was humble yet open-minded. The two traits made it easy for him to let her know how he felt. The two met through mutual friends.

“He was such a gentleman in the way he interacted with everyone,” she recounts, adding that this gave her the confidence to let him into her life but first as a friend who proved trustworthy and reliable.

“My plan was to be open-minded on everything before making a decision. However, as time went on, I noticed a number of qualities that I had always looked for in a partner such as trustworthiness and decided to start a relationship with him.”

“We dated for one and half years and this time was very crucial for me to impress her and also get to know her better. For example, I got to know her likes and dislikes and basically what made her tick,” says Kamulegeya.

The proposal
On December 31 last year, as many celebrated the New Year at different hangouts, Kamulegeya called Nakayi and proposed, requesting for an opportunity to be the love of her life.


“Although he proposed on phone, it was the best moment because he did it on the day I always write down my wishes and resolutions for the New Year,” she recounts.

The two have since officially celebrated their union. “We have learnt tolerance and trust. I live in Dubai but I wake up every morning and call him. I have learnt that being in a relationship is a two-way affair and it does not cost me anything to call or say hello first. That is how care prevails,” Nakayi explains.

Kamulegeya, however, is focused on working hard to prepare for a time when they will have children. He adds that for the time they have been together she taught him a lot and made him a better person.

“She is teaching me patience and tolerance. I have lived alone for a while and I come from a very small family. She, however, comes from a big family and so she has been very useful in teaching me how to live with many people but I am still learning,” he adds.

In their song She will be loved American rock band Maroon 5, sing “It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. It is compromise that moves us along. My heart is full, and my door is always open.
You can come anytime you want…” In the end it is not the physical presence but the love you feel for each other that will determine a lasting relationship.