She met a rich man and instantly forgot about me

Friday February 9 2018


By Eugene Mugisha

Looking at her, I could not even believe it that this was the same girl that used to flash me so I could send her some airtime. And the take away I always ferried everyday to her hostel, one would think I was in the food delivery business. Even when I did not have enough money, I would always find something for her before I thought of myself.

But, here she was, all grown and suddenly too big and too busy for me. I had been discarded aside for those with more ‘ferrying’ power. The kind that ferries brand new cars and apartments in high-end neighbourhoods. Susan was your ordinary type of girl, the kind that you would not feel embarrassed about taking to a kafunda for pork on those days. I met her in my final year at university, she was in her second year, so we only had one semester together. So one may say I never got to know her very well. Luckily, or rather unluckily in this case, I was able to get a job soon after I finished school.

So, I was in position to buy airtime for my girl, take her for her favourite chips and chicken restaurant often, and once in a while take her out for a good time on the town. I spent nearly my entire salary on this girl for the first few months. She was very appreciative, and my efforts were being rewarded.
Even when I got a better paying job and upgraded her lifestyle, I was doing it for the girl I loved dearly.
By this time, we were in a fully-fledged relationship, or so I believed. She soon finished school. I helped foot some of the bills for her graduation party. For a few more months, all was well. Then, things started unraveling for no particular reason.

Where I had anticipated I would get some more time with her now that she was out of school, she seemed busy for some reason. She stopped asking me for airtime, and money for a few other things, but I continued giving it to her, it had become one of my recurring responsibilities. She never turned it down, but she seemed not to appreciate the gesture.

Maybe she was now a big girl, she had more responsibilities, more cares.
In a way I was right, she had become a big girl, perhaps too big for me. I found out in the most unexpected of ways. Her mother told me. I dropped in to see her, and her mother told me she had started working. She had got a job, and even started working without telling me. Of course something was not right with this picture. We used to share everything. My girl would have excitedly told me about her new job.

While we were still talking with her mom, her new boss/man friend dropped her off. In a really big car. After that, things quickly went downhill. The person she had turned into was rude and, impatient. She did not want my chips and chicken. She did not want my phone calls or my messages. She did not want to hear me tell her anything. It was her job and her life. A life that I was no longer a part of.
She did not want anything to do with me anymore. The last thing she told me was that I should find someone else. Someone like me. I did not understand what that meant, but I know a saying; ‘water always finds its level’. I had to find mine.