Should you return the ring once engagement is cancelled?

Friday February 16 2018


By Christine Nakalungi

I think some people propose out of excitement and when the adrenaline dies, pretend like they were arm twisted to do so. Well, Mann did not see this coming.

A few months ago, Clare and Mann went on a vacation. They had saved for it and as they were shopping, Clare saw a ring that she liked. As a matter of fact, she asked the trader to put it on her finger and she took a few photos just to post on Instagram. It was quite expensive so she just admired it and left it at that.
On the day of their return, Mann went on his knees in the middle of a busy airport and asked her to marry him.

She shed a few tears of joy and said yes. And before she could take in the idea of him proposing, she looked at her finger and alas, it was the ring she had tried on in the shop.
She screamed in astonishment and the other travellers at the airport applauded the couple.
From that time, Clare registered this ring as her most valued item. She could not take it off at any point.
We warned her never to walk downtown while wearing it or the smart street chaps of Kampala will cut off her finger.

So, downtown was the only place she did not splash her ring to whoever cared to look.
One weekend, Clare’s fantasy world was hit by betrayal. She found her Mann making out with another girl. She was hit with a wave of shock. She could swear on her mother’s grave that Mann had eyes only for her but it seems that was also another fantasy she was living.

She walked away in disgrace and when Mann’s calls were not returned, he decided to send a text message. “Now that you know, it is over between us. Please return my ring.”
Clare stared at the text for hours trying to fight the flow of memories rushing through her mind. The tears were flowing until her eyes were dry. She fell asleep holding the phone.

The texts demanding her to return the ring kept coming each day until she was fed up. She was determined to send the ring through a boda boda rider but changed her mind.
She loved this ring so much and Mann knew that so he was trying to hurt her double. She sent one text to end the conversation.

“I cannot control who your lips kiss but I can still control which fingers wear this ring.” It was a crazy idea but Clare claimed she had invested a lot of time in that relationship. She was not ready to walk away empty handed.
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