Stop with the excuses already, put a ring on it

Wednesday September 25 2019

Yes making a commitment is scary and risky but

Yes making a commitment is scary and risky but so are most worthwhile ventures. Shutter Image 

By Christine Nakalungi

It happens all the time, for some reason men ignore the desire for women to walk down the aisle.
Most women would love to walk down the aisle and they sometimes request for it. Other women are shy but trust me, they will indirectly ask for it. Men just don’t pay attention or they have a plan of how they think a relationship should be.

Some women will stay and stick to your plan but others may just give you an ultimatum and if you think they are joking, some of them might just go ahead and chase the ring wherever they can find it.

We hear of comments like, ‘a wedding doesn’t make a marriage’ well, if you are not wedded, there’s even no marriage to protect in the first place.

Unlike in some countries where they consider a long relationship a marriage even if there’s no knot tied, there are countries where even if you stay with someone for 10 years and even have children together, in the eyes of the law, you are just two individual citizens who have children together but not a couple.

Yes, his family too might deny you your rights if God forbid the man died and the house was in his name. Yes, marriage is that serious and so is culture.

And just like singer Rema Namakula aptly puts it, if you know that your lover isn’t a fruit that you are waiting for them to ripen, you better make it official before someone else comes along and snatches what you thought was yours.


If you love someone, put a ring on it. This message is for the women too. Not so many men will wait for you to decide whether you want to marry them or not. If you feel that that is the person your heart loves, then say yes to them and tie the knot. Yes making a commitment is scary and risky but so are most worthwhile ventures.

Living in fear is not God’’s plan for our lives. It is true that many marriages have failed, but so have businesses. Does that mean that people stop venturing into business? Life must be lived despite the risks, and pain. Watching the person you love (d) make vows to another person might be the thorn that will hurt you all the days of your life.

Come on, take a leap of faith, make it official and let’s pop some Champagne.