The man she had a crush on liked men instead

Friday January 19 2018


One day, when Sara got to her workplace, she found that the office next to theirs had got new tenants. She did not give it much attention, and settled down to her work. Before she knew it, it was lunch time and her friend Jessica who worked in the insurance company one floor up came for her to go have lunch.
They got into the lift, and as they exited, a man entered. Jessica is a married woman, but that did not stop her from pointing out the man to Sara who had already seen him too.

He was well dressed, smelt good, was polite, he had a great smile. Simply put, he was gorgeous. They watched him get into the lift, and during lunch, he was all they talked about. What they had not counted on was that this man was in fact Sara’s new neighbour.

They had thought he was just a visitor. He was in the previously vacant office next to Sara’s. Sara saw him as she walked back to her office, and she rushed off to tell Jessica. And for the rest of that afternoon, there was no work done. At some point, they went back to Sara’s office just so Jessica could look at the man again.

For the whole of that week, Sara hardly did any constructive work. Jessica kept prodding her, asking her if she had gone over to ‘welcome the new neighbour’. But Sara was suddenly stricken by a thousand fears.
Eventually Jessica had to go over and do it herself.

Dragging Sara into the man’s office, Jessica introduced herself, introduced Sara and welcomed him to the building. He told them his name was Jeremy, and he was a Finance Analyst, self-employed. By the time they left his office, it seemed like a lifetime had passed yet they did not even spend five minutes there. And yet Sara was already in love. She was desperately in love with the man, he was everything she wanted in a man, and she could not think about anything else. Now the question was; how to get him.

Jessica proposed they ask him to join them that Friday, for an evening out. Then, she would pretend she had to leave, and Sara would have Jeremy all to herself. Sara agreed. She was ready to try anything, ANYTHING, even something as harebrained as that. So, off went Jessica to invite the new man. Jeremy politely accepted the invitation, thanking them for the thought.

Come Friday, and the hours seemed to drag. It was as if each hour was a whole day on its own. But eventually, it was evening and they got ready to leave. He even had a nice car. The evening went on well, the conversation was great. Everything was simply perfect, until Sara excused herself to go to the ladies, and Jessica decided to come along. Just as Sara started exclaiming how unbelievably hot the man was, Jessica interrupted her with a look of fury on her face. But Sara could not understand what was wrong. So, Jessica broke the news to Sara; Jeremy was gay.

No way! Sara would not believe it. Jessica pointed out the indicators. Sara still refused to believe, her mind rejected the idea. So, they went back inside, but stood at a distance observing him for several minutes.

And lo and behold, he was actually checking out men, he seemed to be blind to the women. With a heavy heart, Sara walked back to the table, counting her losses. And wondering why on earth that the moment Mr Right seemed to have walked into her life, he also happened not to like women!