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Thinking my girlfriend had left me, I confided in my boss

Thursday October 18 2018


By Eugene Mugisha

With a sense of urgency, and a high amount of panic, I realised that she was actually leaving me. Just like that, it dawned on me, and however much I tried to shake the feeling, it would not go. So, like any man in my position would do, I probed. I called her. She did not answer.
I waited 10 minutes, and when she did not call me back, I called her again. Again, no answer. Hmmm, something was not right. I sent her a text, she did not reply. I started eliminating reasons why she was not answering my calls, or texts. If she was in a meeting, she would text me back, or make her phone busy.
It was in the middle of the day, so she could not possibly be sleeping. And it was a week day, so she must be at work.
I cancelled out many reasons, and in the end, the only reasons remaining why she did not want to talk to me was because she was leaving me, or in fact had already done so, and did not want to tell me on phone. In a heightened mode of desperation, I called her sister. She told me that she had talked to her in the morning, and she was okay.
I tried to probe, asking questions like, “Did she mention me, or say anything about me? Did she seem in a pensive mood? Did she seem angry?”, but all the questions returned negative answers. It did not make sense, but, my brain also told me that if my girlfriend, oops, ex-girlfriend, decided to leave me, she would not exactly confide in her younger sister.
I could not concentrate on my work. I was so distracted that even my boss noticed and asked me if something was wrong. I could not possibly lie to him that everything was okay because my whole world had just crashed all around me. What was I going to do without her? What was the point of me being a better man, if she was not there for me to do it for?
I found myself confiding in my boss, the last person I would ever discuss women problems with. But, he listened, and somehow, by the time I left his office, I had a new resolve; I would manage without her. I went back to my desk, and for the rest of the day, I worked so hard, only driven by the need to distract my mind from her.
Then, it was time to leave work, and that was a good time for me, because we usually met up and had supper together. But then, I remembered that I would have to forget about such things. I was a single man, and there was no changing that.
I got my bag, and left. In the bar, I tried to reanalyse the day’s events. She should have called me by now. I passed by a bar to drown my sorrows, and about three hours later, I headed home. I got home, and there she was.
Waiting for me, by the front porch, she did not have a key to my house, she had refused one. She would not tell me how long she had been there, but she was reading a novel, so it must have been some time. And she had this smile. There is no way anyone who is going to leave could smile like that, unless they are sadist, twisted heartless person.
But, she is not like that, she is the sweetest person ever. Seeing her there, I was not even interested in why she had not answered my calls. Holding her in my arms was enough to tell me that everything is well.
But, for my boss, it was the beginning of something else. He took a disturbing personal interest in my love life.