My Valentine’s Day gift goes to...

Thursday February 13 2020


By Christine Katende

Love is in the air once again. Every February 14, many around the world send flowers, cards, and all sorts of gifts to their loved ones as a way to celebrate love.
While some might scoff at the day saying it is not worth the hype and others claiming that no relationship formed on the day survives as it has no sure foundation, several have gone out of their way to spoil their loved ones in the name of love.
For example, renowned footballer David Beckham once bought a bracelet worth $8m (about Shs30b) for his wife Victoria Beckham as a Valentine’s Day gift. Nonetheless, with all the hate around the world, celebrating love is always welcome. Readers tell us what gift they intend to give that special person in their life.

Zaid Lwanga
I hope to propose to my long term girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. For the past four years, she has been faithful and stood by me through a number of trying moments. She has brought me good luck because together we have succeeded in a number of projects and I hope she will say yes so that together, we can grow and achieve more.

Vince Musisi
Since I will not be available to take her for a romantic dinner, I will buy for her something she likes such as shoes and maybe a voucher to use at her favourite spa. I will also order some flowers and have them delivered at her workplace. I love doing what makes my partner happy, since seeing her smile also makes me the happiest man in the world.

Wycliffe Ssemuko
I am planning a dinner for two. I love such days because they provide the perfect opportunity for us to reflect on our marriage and make plans to improve. And where else can you do that, than at a candlelit dinner for just the two of us? What has kept our marriage strong is finding time for just the two of us not putting our children ahead of our need to bond.

Johnson Kizito
My Princess loves simple gifts. So, I will place an order of a beautiful bouquet of flowers accompanied by a lovely art piece. I plan to keep her away from the kitchen on that day. I will prepare her favourite breakfast, lunch and afterwards, we will go for an evening drive followed by a dinner at the beach.

Lyrical Mycheal
I will buy her a complete set of gym outfits and renew her gym membership. I want to invest in her beauty, health and fitness. I want to see her become the best version of herself. The dinner, chocolates and flowers are also a must but those will be given to her later in the evening.
Cranimh Sayuni
Since this is also my birthday, the celebrations usually overshadow any other event we might have planned. Because my husband usually goes out of his way to make me happy on the day, this time I want to celebrate him by buying him a nice, long lasting watch.


Esther Nafuna
I intend to buy a nice gomesi for my mother because she has been there for me. Even in the hard days, she would en-courage me saying; we shall go through it. She taught me to be strong, intelligent, obedient, kind and caring.