Valentine’s Day suddenly awoke the lover in him

Friday February 23 2018


By Eugene Mugisha

Valentines came and went. People are still recovering from Valentine’s Day. I am rather proud to say that in my little world, all went well. The day was anxiously waited for, and when it came it was received with happiness. All the planning and good intentions were well received. I can confidently say there is more love than was there before February 14. And some people learnt a few things they did not know about, did not appreciate the effect it creates. Like the gifting of flowers.

There is this man, he is a friend and a workmate, and well, we can say he is a very traditional sort of man. He is not the type to go romantic, though he is very considerate, and very dependable when it comes to his woman. But for the realm of romance, it is as remote for him as Mars is from earth. He simply does not click what is going on, and he long ago gave up bothering.

So it was a very serious surprise when at about 11 am, someone delivered a large bunch of flowers at the office. We all thought they were for one of us, even more curious because it is an all-male office. And lo and behold, they were for Martin, the traditional man. He just stood up, went over and signed for them.
Now, no one knew what to do at this stage. We had never expected something like this to happen, for Martin to receive flowers. But there was still a bigger surprise; the flowers were for Martin in that he was going to send them to his girlfriend. He had bought then, and he was going to deliver them himself.

He explained this matter of fact; as if it was an invoice he was delivering to a client. Someone asked him where he had got the idea from in the first place, and he shrugged and said. “It is Valentine’s Day today. I want to make her happy.” And another question, “why are you delivering them yourself?” To which he answered, “because I think she will appreciate it much more than if some strange person gives them to her.” We all rested our cases, and watched as he drove away.
And waited impatiently for him to come back from his errand. Some people suggested he had been given an ultimatum by the girl. That he either gives her flowers or it is over. Others suggested that perhaps he had seen it in a movie, and liked the idea, the way you look at a nice car and say; oh that’s a nice car, I should buy one.

Finally, he came back. He was happy, excited more than anyone had ever seen him. He informed us that everything had gone well; the girl had been caught off-guard, and was very happily surprised that she had cried a little - of course she had been surprised, I mean, who would expect flowers from Martin? And later he bought a bottle of fine wine, and went off to wine and dine her. And we were all pleased and hopeful that if Martin, of all people could be touched by love like this, then we all have hope.

Now, the problem is that ever since that time, Martin is always bothering everyone asking them to tell him ways to be romantic. He keeps saying; ‘oh, I have missed so much, tell me something I can do to be romantic and show her that I love her and only her’. And we pitch in, but looking around our office, there are not many ideas. I think we seriously need to hire more females. But I am certain Martin, and his girl even more, is a much happier person now.