When he mistreats you, empower yourself, fight back

Thursday July 9 2020


By Christine Nakalungi

Women are sometimes forgiving but if you think that she forgets, then you are about to be hit with a payback tsunami.

She might have gone through that heartbreak with a scar that tormented her for nights to a point that she constructed walls around herself not to be hurt again but she vulnerably let you in because you promised her that it would be different.

Pray to God that you keep your word and be the man that she fell in love with or else, do not blame her if she makes you eat your words.

Are all women wounded lions with rage and a temper ready to blow like a time bomb? I do not think so. When pain, disappointment and frustration finally get to the top, like lava, you are this close to exploding.

I know a woman who I applauded for being the most patient woman on earth. Her husband treated her like trash and everyone in her life practically told her to let go of this man. He was well established with a good job and was in a perfect position to win custody of the children could she try divorcing him.

As the man was busy cheating on her, she was plotting on how to empower herself. She started attending online courses and mercilessly used his money to pay for all of them. She managed to secretly buy a house and secured a well-paying job.


One day, he received divorce papers and she had filed for custody of the children. He laughed at her because he always thought that she would be nothing without him.

To his surprise, she was found fit morally and financially by the judge and the husband did not stand a chance because he had been caught up in his web of cheating. All the while, she been collecting evidence against him, which indicated that he was not a fit father and that the children were better off away from him.

The wife knew the risk of rushing to the divorce court, she knew she could lose her children because she was not in a position to care for them financially. She played dumb in his presence but plotted her way out in a strategic way.

Sometimes, fighting back does not necessarily mean pulling each other’s ears. You have to fight smart if you want to win. Instead of allowing yourself to be degraded, how about you empower yourself and watch your tormentors get a taste of their own medicine.
Her husband loved his children more than anything in the world and at first she thought that they could share custody but as he continued hurting her, she became less forgiving and merciful.

It was at that point that he realised that he needed his family back. He begged and wailed but it was too late.
She saw his tears and remembered the days she cried because she was hurt and when he knelt down to beg for her forgiveness, all she saw was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.