When praying for a partner, be clear and realistic

Thursday April 30 2020


By Christine Nakalungi

When you ask, you do not receive; because you ask with wrong motives…’James 4:3. It is one thing to have faith and another to pray blindly.

Faith without action is dead. If we could see God’s reaction to our prayers, we would even be ashamed. I think that sometimes God looks down on our wailing hearts and wonders, “what does she even mean?”

One day you come to God and say, “Please God just bring the most famous prince my way, drag him until he sees no one else but me” but we all know that the most famous international prince Prince Harry is married and the Buganda Prince is still young. Then when you realise that you just wasted your time, you start making desperate prayers, ‘God bring any man, I just want to be married” God can’t bring any man your way because not every man can take care of you, some can’t even spell out the word wife and so they have no idea how to even treat a woman.

But I understand the frustration, one time you are praying to God for your boyfriend to finally propose and marry you but then you find him cheating and your prayer changes, “God, take this man away from my life, may I never even remember his name” you take a few days without thinking about spouses but after a while, loneliness kicks in again and this time your prayer is just all over the place. You don’t even know what to ask God for.

God started marriage and knows what’s best for all of us, yes even though we settle for what we sometimes think is the best but not in God’s eyes. The best partner will treat you well, he will respect you and you will enjoy having such a person in your life.

If you don’t know what to pray for anymore, just say a simple prayer and ask God to bring the right person to you. But then we as human beings look on the outside and never know who the right one is, but all in all, trust that God will help you make the right decision even when many suitors flock your door after that prayer.


Pray even so that you won’t push away the God sent and instead choose the one who is a disguise just because he has a big car and wears suits. And yes, even God sent men could be rich and handsome so don’t just dismiss them too. May God answer your prayers.