Why wear a wedding ring yet you are single?

Thursday December 12 2019


By Christine Nakalungi

I have seen a few friends who are single but own a piece of jewelry that resembles an engagement ring and others are brave enough to buy themselves a wedding band and barefacedly put it on the finger that it technically symbolic to the marriage institute.

This is not only a habit for women; men too have adopted this trend. But then, why are you wearing a ring if you are single and searching? Of all the tactics to chase away suitors, you think ‘faking it’ is the most befitting?

What would go wrong if you just told the next person who walks to you and asks for your number that you are not in a dating mood?

You can wear fashion rings and if anyone has a problem with it, advise them to make Google their friend. And unless the potential suitor just landed from the ocean, no body else will confuse the two especially if you spare the right finger for the right ring.

If you are the kind who no longer believes in marriage, then be kind enough not to even use its symbols.

Did you know that most men who ask for your number in a bar are actually single men disguising as married ones?


What is their goal? You might ask. Well, no wonder many people think that marriage as an institution has lost meaning since many people present themselves as married and off the market and yet wear price tags. Confusing, right?

Life is a mystery, sometimes we chase away our own opportunities in an effort to pretend to have made it in life.

Maybe your spouse just walked past you and married your neighbour or cousin, because madam ‘faking it’ you were available but misrepresented yourself.

So whenever you celebrate your birthday and look at the clock, as you sing the single and searching song for yet another time, remember that you are partly to blame for the missed opportunities.

Its not a crime to be single but impersonation is. Why are you denying suitors the opportunity to find you?